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Female Car Names: A Road to Misogyny

2 Mins read

We’ve all heard this before;

She’s a beauty,” the car salesman says as you sit in what could potentially be your new Corvette. Then, as you show it off to your friends and family, you’ll hear, “When are you going to let me take her for a spin?” Cars are notoriously referred to as female; why?

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Origin Theories

There’s no definitive reason or origin of this expression. However, there are a few theories circling about where the expression has come from.

Theory 1:

Let’s start with the most common theory. For a lot of car owners, their car is extremely important to them; similar to a second home. Many male car owners see their car as having its’ own personality, believing it to be sentient. This phenomenon elicits a domineering response in men which prompts them to force a persona and gender onto the car.

Straight males are expected to be obsessed with their cars, due to the societal pressures to be “masculine” and “tough” (more toxic stereotypes that I could argue at length, but I digress). For that reason, logically, a straight male’s companion would be a female.

Theory 2:

The second theory is one that dates back to the days of ships carrying cargo and passengers across the ocean. These cargo ships were often referred to with “she/her” pronouns too. 

Many now believe that referring to ships in such a way was a metaphor – the ships being “containers” that carried freight and cargo to be delivered at a later date, can be compared to that of a woman bearing children. This particular theory leads me into the next topic: women being seen as objects.

Nora - Small woman - Fast cars - - Magazine
Nora, Fast Cars

Women Aren’t Your Property

It is well-known in modern society that women are unfortunately seen as objects. This portrayal is shown through the objectification of women on magazine covers, advertisements, in film, television, video games, music, and anywhere else that will reach the masses. Referring to cars as females supports this notion. This points to a problem in our society in which women are seen as objects that get men from Point A to Point B.

When you associate females to the objects and males to the people, it paints a subconscious picture in the heads of the public. Any picture in which the woman is portrayed as lesser than, will have a negative impact on our fight for equal rights. If a person has the subconscious bias that women are not as good as men, they will treat them as such.

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This notion is evident in the ship analogy – women are simply viewed as “containers” used to bear children. Decades ago, when water was the most common form of intercontinental transportation, the ship was not a person; it was an object. The cargo, or the male passengers, were seen as people. This is problematic for a number of reasons.

When you associate females to the objects and males to the people, it paints a subconscious picture in the heads of the public. Any picture in which the woman is portrayed as lesser than, will have a negative impact on our fight for equal rights. If a person has the subconscious bias that women are not as good as men, they will treat them as such.

So, What Can You Do to Help? 

First, the obvious: stop referring to your car as “she/her.”

Another thing you can do is simply spread the word. Educate yourself and others on the issues of gender equality and the ways inequality can creep into our daily lives. Speak up when someone misuses pronouns when referring to an inanimate object as if it were a female.

While We’re At It-

Can we stop posing models on cars at auto shows?

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Jamie graduated majoring in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and minoring in Journalism. She currently works as the Editor-In-Chief for Cinch News and an editor for the sister companies with Globe Media Holdings. Jamie believes in empowerment through writing and social activism, encouraging exclusivity, representation, and self-love.
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You're an Idiot
You're an Idiot (@guest_350)
1 year ago

I love how you use the word “feminism,” when you are blatantly sexist. I won’t call you names or whatever. But I am telling you to head over to the nearest therapist and seek help. You are endangering the society with your stupidity, and seem to be hostile to men. You are the text book definition of “sexist” you bigot!

ABC (@guest_297)
1 year ago

Majored “Women’s, Gender and Sexuality studies”

So the author has no education.

fgagfsavr1sac3rasvb4afdcsf (@guest_450)
11 months ago

I’ll be honest.
Have fun raising your kids (Which you probably won’t have because why would a guy even talk to you?) that’ll be fed your non-biased info. You have no real knowledge about men, cars, or normal people.
Thankfully for you, the internet is your ‘safe space’ where nobody can effectively put you in line with your radical, progressive crusade. Not everyone want’s to live the depraved, sad life you have.
Hopefully you take care of yourself, get yourself in line and act normally.
Get off the computer more, go outside, breathe some fresh air, talk to people…

P.S. This is coming from a woman… Good luck to you if all you do is alienate your own ‘people’

WhatIsWrongWithThisSite (@guest_263)
1 year ago

They’re cars.
The nonsense being posted here under the guise of “feminism” is just blatant sexism.
You should feel ashamed of yourself.

Idkreally (@guest_380)
1 year ago

And if people gave man names to cars, you would cry it’s actual patriarchy and it’s empowering go men.

Armando de la Craiova
Armando de la Craiova (@guest_298)
1 year ago

Bruh not all men are into cars but the majority is not because it’s cool but because we actually like them y’all haven’t felt the touch of a man and start talking shit lmaoooo 🤣🤣

Action Jackson
Action Jackson (@guest_443)
1 year ago

Being gay, I named my big pickup truck Hank. Can’t stay away from Hank’s tailpipe. So sexy. Dang, what a stud. Grrrrrr.

Satan'sEvilTwin (@guest_346)
1 year ago

Would like to take the author for a ride on my turgid meat-cycle and spray my man gravy inside and all over her leathery interior! Have her polish all the knobs on my dashboard too.

Riding with her top down, she’ll have so much of my salt spray in her face that she’ll think she’s trolling for rich dick in Malibu!

A.Random.dude (@guest_471)
11 months ago

In my language Car is a female noun
(la macchina) so when we say “she is a beauty” it just mean the car is good looking and nothing else.
Just stop overthinking and crying about stupid and irrelevant things because women have things more important to care, like the situation of the women in the middle east where they are treated as a 2nd class citizens.

Sean Garvey
Sean Garvey (@guest_469)
11 months ago

What the hell did I just read?? 😂

Lara (@guest_473)
11 months ago

How does it feel to have gone to college (albeit for do nothing courses) just to end up writing clickbait articles for rage clicks to make money for a huge corporation while doing nothing to actually change womens lives for the better?

Joanna (@guest_475)
11 months ago

this website is filled with misandrist hate-speech

delete yourself bby
delete yourself bby (@guest_489)
9 months ago

Ok this shit is really retarded

Josh O
Josh O (@guest_490)
6 months ago

LOL you silly clam. You and everyone who shares views like this, is a sexist little pig. You are LITERALLY the reason why feminism is the laughing stock in the western world. You have had such easy, shallow, clueless lives – worst events being high-value men choose hotter and smarter women than you piglets. You feel unattractive and undesirable from this, and rightfully so. So you decide to bitch about and moan (in this case about men, who won’t accept your aging, melting-candle body and goofy face), while feigning some moral high-ground, the most basic tactic of psychotic sluts.

There are women in the middle-east with real problems. Feminist would be fighting Islam on behalf of all the poor women who can’t drive, vote, buy property, or go places without a male companion in these Islamic hellholes. But they can’t because you and those like you have singlehandedly made feminism a fucking joke. No self-respecting woman identifies as a feminist, because they don’t want to be associated with gross-looking, batshit-crazy bitches.

Car names are sexist? I would think it was a troll if not for the history of gross, fat, hairy, blue-haired garbage-humans who have made equally braindead claims. You are a bad person, you need help. I can GUARENTEE you, I am morally and intellectually your superior, and you need to get help for your problems with projection and inability to accept fault for your own shortcomings. You need to work out, and eat healthy. You need to resolve your father issues, and develop a healthy view of reality. You are sick, but it is your fault for letting get this far. Just like a drug addict.

Get help and make something of yourself.

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